serafina (starfireming) wrote in sick_sucks,

hey y'all

I'm zannah and I just went to the doctor for like the third time in four weeks this morning. first i had a UTI, which made me feel like I'd been beaten with a baseball bat, and then it was "random virus" time, doctor was like "yeah... nothing we can do, a couple days of bed rest should make everything all better" and now they think I might have mono although I tested negative for it last time... but then I found out there's a version of mono that comes up negative on the usual test. all I know is I feel like the Machine's been sucking life out of me and I'm a sad sack of wallowing in whining and exhaustion. I really need to just sleep for like a week straight(I hope that's all I need) but without a real reason people look at me funny. Plus my brain isn't working too well, so I'm completely out of it, can't concentrate, bitchy and grouchy.

this sucks. hopefully my doctor will call me this afternoon and tell me if they found anything.

in other news, I find that it is fun to watch stupid tv, let pets walk over me, read stupid books and magazines, daydream, whine(don't underestimate the potential entertainment from this!) and drink stuff that tastes good. coming up with new and interesting combinations of pills & vitamins also adds some spice to my day. ::grin:: plus making my boyfriend babysit me. the man is a superstar.
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